Taizhou Dyeing & Printing machinery Co., Ltd., China.

they are located in Jiangsu Taizhou Export Processing zone, which is the core region of Taizhou city for the development of economy. Relying on experienced technicians, leading technologies, first-class management system and equipment, quality products and excellent service, they are working hard to provide pre-treatment, dyeing and finishing equipment (sets) and full-width wet treatment methods for the dyeing and printing enterprises of woven and knitting fabrics.

  • Singeing machines (Brick type burners)
  • scouring & bleaching range
  • High efficiency strong oscillating washing machines.
  • Mercerizing range
  • Special energy saving double-layer drying cylinders.
  • High efficiency squeezing mangles (5T & 10T)
  • Fabric guide rollers
  • Rope openers