Weitmann & Konrad GmbH & Co. KG

Systems for function-relevant properties, finishing and product optimization of material webs:

WEKO-FLOW with WEKO-SIGMA: With WEKO-Fluid-Application-System (WFA), consisting of WEKO-FLOW with WEKO-SIGMA, liquids can be ideally applied. The coating can be applied precision-metered and reproducible at any time through spray application. What’s more, the modular system can be adjusted flexibly enough to be profitable also with very small production runs.


  • Precisely defined application quantity, reproducible at any time
  • Automatic speed adaptation
  • Low energy consumption
  • User-friendly through removable components
  • Drive components and bearings separated from the spray area
  • Short retooling times
  • Low maintenance
  • Very long service life
  • Compact space-saving design
  • Modular adjustment
  • User-friendly touchpanel
  • Optimal access
  • Programmable rinsing and pump-out of residual liquid

WEKO-ProTec: WEKO offers non-contact precision application systems for a wide variety of fluids enabling the functional finishing of your textile or nonwovens material web. The WEKO-fluid-application (WFA) system is also available as an encapsulated application unit with extraction to avoid harmful aerosols of the chemical finish outside the system.


  • Protection of the health of employees, as no harmful aerosols escape
  • No nuisance from unpleasant odours
  • Safety at the workplace, as there is no contamination of the environment by slippery substances

Advantages of the non-contact application:

  • No strain on the web thanks to non-contact application
  • Highest process reliability thanks to exactly adjustable and reproducible application quantity
  • Resource-saving because the application medium is not contaminated
  • Reduction of energy costs thanks to short drying times and economical use of the application medium

WEKO-NEO: New innovative applications are revolutionizing the whole textile wet process. The worldwide textile production is suffering from immense cost pressure and is driven by using high volumes of fresh water, energy and chemicals with comparatively slow production speeds. Therefore WEKO presents latest technology to combine a more sustainable process with cost saving production.


• Reduced pick-up
• No material contact (no stress)
• Less drying energy
• High speed production
• Saving water and waste water
• Repeatable quality
• Adjustable penetration level


• Fixation
• Resin finish
• Flat finish
• Lustre / Brilliance
• Grip modification (f.e. Softener)
• Tinting and over-dying
• Whatever you need